We help you sell more stuff.

We help you sell more stuff.

Welcome to Lighthouse 5.

Sales Tune-up

Does your sales strategy need some muscles? Let’s work together to customize a plan for your business to “get your ship together.”


GrowthWheel is a visual toolbox for decision making and action planning for start-up and growth companies.

Prospecting Tournament

Motivate your entire sales force in just half a day…and see immediate results.

Sales Audit

Uncover hidden opportunities and correctable weaknesses…and then develop new tactics for growing your sales and building a successful sales strategy.

It’s time to get your ship together.

You know you can bring in more sales, but you’ve exhausted your methods and need to spice up your sales process. And the longer it takes you to figure out how to do that, the further out to sea your business drifts. You need someone local–like an Omaha Sales Consultant.

Lighthouse 5 is Omaha’s Sales Consultant Firm who helps businesses and start-ups sell more stuff.

Lighthouse 5 works with businesses on many facets of their sales process. Whether your business needs a sales tune-up, wants to get involved in our Prospecting Tournament, or needs a comprehensive Sales Audit, Lighthouse 5 has the sales consultant you need and the results you want.

We’re not training your salespeople to be sleazy.

You need your Omaha Sales Consultant to be innovative, have a finger on the pulse of what sells, and be mindful of what your business wants and how your customers engage. Tom Baker and Lighthouse 5 are ready to lead your business in identifying where you can improve sales process performance and specifically where you can experience the most immediate gains.

Tom Baker, President

Email is often too timid a method to make an impact.

We believe that “re-mastering” the basics are the surest way to sales success.

Pick up the phone, say thank you, become a partner, and build relationships.

Put down the mouse and pick up the phone.

Start building long-lasting, profitable relationships with new customers and clients with our sales development solutions.

We’re ready to build a relationship with you. Don’t just email him–call Tom now. Heck–he’ll even buy you lunch.