Congratulations! You’ve won a free lunch!

Really! You’ve won a free lunch with Tom!

Recent free lunch reviews:

5 stars:

“Wore earplugs. A perfect meal.”

2.5 stars:

“The meal was perfect. The conversation needs work.”

4 stars:

“I got a mouthful…and an earful.”

2 stars:

“I never experienced ecstasy and agony at the same time before.”

1 star:

“He made a great first impression, then it went downhill fast.”

4 stars:

“I don’t know what was better, his business acumen or his table manners.”

Congrats! You just won a free lunch with Tom!

Congratulations! You’ve won a free lunch and sales development conversation with Tom Baker of Lighthouse 5! #winning

There are just a few things we need to go over–think of this as the “fine print”.

  1. This free lunch valid only when dining with Tom Baker, President of Lighthouse 5. You must be legitimately interested in growing your sales and must listen to Tom drone on and on about Sales Development and “put the mouse down and pick up the phone” and “align your business” throughout the entire meal.
  2. One bathroom break of reasonable duration is allowed.
  3. Should you sign a contract to enlist Lighthouse 5 in sales development consulting services at any time during the meal, you have the right to take any of the following actions
    1. Change the topic of the conversation.
    2. Ask Tom to be silent for the duration of the meal.
    3. Vacate the restaurant.
  4. Tom reserves the right to choose the restaurant. Dessert is at Tom’s discretion, and he’s the sole owner of any leftovers.
  5. Any restaurants involved are exempt from honoring their existing guarantee regarding a pleasant dining experience.

The really fine print:

  • Expiration Date: pretty soon now
  • Cash Value: not necessarily
  • Rights Reserved: none
  • Binding Intent: none