This isn’t your typical Omaha sales development program.

Reach HUNDREDS of prospects in just hours with our Prospecting Tournament!

Tired of just reaching tens of people each day? Don’t want to send your sales staff off-site for a workshop that isn’t hands-on? Lighthouse 5’s Prospecting Tournament is the sales development program for your Omaha business!

How it works

Our half-day “hands on the phone” sales development program engages your entire sales force, including management. We require your staff to turn off their email and pick up the phone during 3 separate 20-minute Prospecting Sessions. We implement our customizations in the education portion between each session and then go to work. Each Prospecting Session varies by company, but works something like this:

  • Session 1: Call current customers to say, “Thank you!”
  • Session 2: Call warm leads to follow up on open proposals
  • Session 3: Conduct cold calls to new prospects and leads with custom phone scripts

Between each Prospecting Session, we convene as a team to share success stories and learn from one another, to share our embarrassing face plants, build confidence and camaraderie, and to recharge. We award prizes for the top AND bottom rungs and conclude with a catered lunch to discuss next steps for your business. By the end of the Prospecting Tournament, your business will have made hundreds of cold calls to new prospects, depending on the size of your sales force.

We bring our sales development program to you.

Our Prospecting Tournament happens at your business, but we work with you in advance to customize this sales development program specifically for your business. In fact, we spend 80% of the time working with you on the customization that leads up to Prospecting Tournament day!

Prospecting Tournament Cost

Lighthouse 5’s Prospecting Tournament ranges from $2,000 to $6,000, depending upon a variety of factors, such as preparation time, materials, customizations, logistics, and other specifics. Clearly, this program can pay for itself with just one new customer.

Have some questions?

Ready for that free lunch? Click here. Just want to talk first? Call Tom: 402-884-0091. Just want to send a quick note? Email Tom. Lighthouse 5 is prepared to help your sales team go to the next level.

Ready to make a commitment?

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In all my years of working with independent rep firms I have never had someone with the integrity that your business and you have provided us here. I want to thank you for taking this project on and then finding a successor. It was very unique and I won’t forget it. If I can help you in return at any point in time, let me know and if I can ever get you back in the business there will always be a spot for you and I appreciate your help.

Peter Quigley

Publisher, AdInk Network