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Sales Development Testimonials

When was the last time you purchased something on Amazon without reading customer reviews? Amazon has made this feature a “prerequisite” to doing business online, and the mere lack of testimonials today raises a major level of suspicion.

It is not always easy to ask for help, but there are right ways and there are wrong ways. Lighthouse 5 has been successful in collecting testimonials for and from its clients because we use a simple formula that garners multiple high-quality testimonials.

Basically, it involves asking for permission to ask for help. It is not the oldest trick in the book, but it is certainly one of the nicest tricks in the book.

Give me a call and I’ll share a simple strategy on how you can collect your testimonials in just two week’s time.

Dale Gubbels

Tom provided our sales staff several creative ideas and practical methodologies to make us more adept at finding and opening doors to grow our business. His Sales Audit uncovered some problem areas that we took for granted, and he then identified several solutions to overcome them.  His focus on what’s really important was infectious.  Tom’s influence continues to have a lasting positive effect on all of our sales efforts.

Linda Gadwood

I really value Tom’s guidance. He was so helpful that I had to put our project on hold, just to catch up with the new business I generated. He is full of great ideas and I look forward to working with him more.

Daniel Lawse

As a small business, we made huge leaps in our business development efforts because of Tom’s help. He asked questions that helped us focus our efforts and be more effective in the focus areas.

He reviewed content and helped us craft concise messages to tell our story. And we now have a system that helps hold ourselves accountable to the business development process. Working with Tom helped us see our marketing and business development efforts in new ways.

Craig Gubbels

Tom helped us develop new Sales Strategies and brought a new wave of enthusiasm to our sales team. His approach helped us organize our sales processes and focus on key activities to help achieve our goals.

As we plan for the next phase of our growth, Tom’s contributions have helped us focus on what’s really important. Together, we have uncovered a number of opportunities that will help us exceed our numbers.

Jerod Evanich

Tom helped A Place at Home (or us) regain focus on a fundamental that we had neglected–straightforward, genuine, communication. A new Elevator Pitch and an Employee/Client Retention Campaign both made big impacts on our ability to connect with prospects, clients, and employees, which in turn, significantly improved our bottom line.

Beth Knott

Tom advised me on how to reach out to potential clients and how to work with existing clients to grow my business. He used a SWOT analysis to identify different areas in which I could improve. He is a great motivator who’s highly focused on working with his clients to get them the results they want.