Does your sales strategy need some muscles?

Let’s work together to customize a plan for your business to “get your ship together.”

Our Sales Tune-up can help.

Lighthouse 5 in Omaha helps businesses strengthen their sales strategies using a proven Sales Tune-up process. We work together with you–business owners, sales managers, and individual account executives–on the nuts and bolts of your sales strategies and sales tactics.

Sales Strategy Tune-ups: Customized, collaborative, creative

We begin our Sales Tune-up by conducting a sales inventory, where we identify your strengths and weaknesses, what your challenges are, and what’s holding you back. Then, we work together to create a custom plan for your business that includes proven tools, tactics, and strategies to help you “get your ship together.”

Some of the most common areas we work on include:

  • Prospecting
  • Elevator Pitches
  • Customer Segments
  • Networking
  • Customer Experience
  • Target Market
  • Client Retention
  • Phone Scripts
  • Cold Calling Regimen
  • Client Replication
  • Competitive Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis

Sales Tune-up Cost

Lighthouse 5’s Sales Tune-up is a $1200 investment for your company toward future revenue opportunities.

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Tom is as genuine as they come. Honest, hard-working, down to earth and smart. There are no pretenses, which is refreshing and he knows how to connect in a real and honest fashion: because he really cares about what makes you tick and what you care about most.

Ken Grant

President, Motivated Branding